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Canadian Pinball Board Repair Service

Pinball Medics is now offering board repair services across Canada by Post, or in person from our Ottawa, Montreal, and Hawkesbury/Alfred locations. We also offer curbside pickup or delivery for local transactions.

We will be moving towards a board swap model, where we will take your non working board as a core, and substitute it with a working board for an instant turnover, and save a second visit or shipping costs. Check back often as we will be listing individual boards for sale as soon as they are ready, and providing links here.

Resident board specialist, Rob Illuiri, aka Gottlieb Rob, or  “The Exorcist”, is a Master troubleshooter fully equipped to bench test and expertly repair all eras of Solid State Bally, Williams, Data East, Gottlieb, WMS/Bally, and Classic Stern Pinball Machines. Quickly and reliably, with most repairs completed within a week.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation, postal delays may extend this to two weeks.

Servicing Power supplies and Rectifier Boards, Driver Boards, MPU’s, Sound Boards, and all manner of Auxiliary Boards. As well as repairing your boards, we will re-flow the solder on all pins, and perform all ground mods or other known bulletproofing processes to ensure your old board works better than new, and for as long as possible. ROM burning services are available, and we do sell reconditioned used boards and modern aftermarket replacements if yours are beyond repair.


Bally test rigs Ottawa Montreal Canada Pinball Medics

This custom bench testing rig is the result of many years of design, acquisition, and assembly. This incredible setup includes some of the Holy Grails of test equipment, including early Solid State Bally test units from the late 70’s. The brainchild of Rob “The Exorcist” Illuiri, this incredible apparatus possesses enough Electric Magic to expose and banish even the most confounding of Demons back from whence they came.

Beyond the amazing bench testing setup your boards will be run through, our vast inventory of literally 100’s of working Pinball Machines of all brands and eras gives us the unique ability to test the boards we repair in an actual game of the same system, and often in the same game you own!

After your board is repaired, it will be stress tested on the bench for 24 hours to ensure reliability. Videos will be made of all boards running to confirm their functionality and will be included with your Invoice. Payment is due upon receipt of your Invoice which will include shipping and taxes prior to our returning your boards via Canada Post with their Expedited Parcel Service.

We also offer technical support by phone or Skype to assist you in reinstalling the boards, or to help you remove them before bringing or mailing the boards to us for repair.

Contact us to make arrangements any time on 613-223-6108.

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8 Responses to : Canadian Pinball Board Repair Service

  1. John Tolley said:
    Hello, I have a Williams Comet 1986 Pinball machine. The back board needs repair or replacement as I have a bumper and a kicker locked on. Also flippers do not work unless I press on the K1 relay. I have seen an upgraded board online at 'arcadeshop" Is this board available through you or would you recommend repairing the old one?
    • Mike Loftus said:
      We could order a replacement, but it does not sound like there is a big issue with yours, it can easily be fixed for much less than the cost of new, and the original boards are preferred for this system. Contact me on 613-223-6108 and we can arrange to have it repaired. We have Comet in our collection and can fully test it here before returning it to you.
  2. Ethan W. said:
    Hello, a friend of mine is looking to bench test his Gottlibe Pantara pinball CPU board. The board seems to mostly work but the score and credit displays are acting up and not displaying properly. I believe it’s the board. Are you able to test it?
    • Mike Loftus said:
      Yes we can definitely help you with that, and we can repair the board if required. Call 613-223-6108 to arrange!
  3. Dave Fountain said:
    I have a stern mpu board with the LED Iight stuck on .I am trying to decide if a new board is going to cost more or less than a repair .Could I please have your thoughts. Thanks Dave from Peterborough
    • Mike Loftus said:
      If the board is not alkaline damaged beyond repair, it is much cheaper to repair the original, usually in the $100 range which includes upgrading to a button cell battery.
  4. Jim jones said:
    I have a Williams road kings pinball that won’t boot and comes up with a “justage fehler” error message and just hangs. The battery holder seems to have been altered by a previous owner. Is this for sure a board issue. And there doesn’t seem to be any corrosion problems. Can you repair it? How much and how do I remove the old board.
    • Mike Loftus said:
      We should be able to repair it, or could offer a working used board worst case scenario. Call Rob on (514) 809-1334 and he can fly you through removing the board. Thanks! Mike

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