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Pinball Medics provides Pinball Machines for commercial locations in the greater Ottawa area.

From 1970’s Bally classics to brand new Stern pinball machines, and everything in between, our selection can not be beat.

Most operators will not want to provide pinball machines to their clients due to the fact that they are not only much more costly than a video game, they are also much more difficult to maintain. We have been living, eating, and breathing pinball in this city for over 30 years, and our games play the way they should, tweaked to perfection and expertly maintained. Even our 70’s machines play like new!

With the huge popularity of retro “barcades” springing up across North America, Australia, and Europe, pinball is once again the amusement game of choice. Ottawa is no exception, with some of the best barcades in North America.

We also provide counter top games, pool tables, golf machines, and gun games. Just like the other guys… but we can add the retro cool of restored classic pinball machines, classic video games (like Pacman, Galaga, and Frogger), and all genres of coin-operated amusement games, jukeboxes, and related gear from the Golden Era of the Arcade.

We cross-promote all of our pinball accounts here on our site to our local customer base, with tournaments at larger multi game venues, monthly high score contests on individual machines, and meetings of local pinball collectors and related groups.

We also provide corporate office rentals (very popular in the high tech sector), amusement games in larger family venues such as cinemas and amusement centres, and more.

Contact us to discuss profit sharing options and let us find a solution that works with your business!