The IFPA is pleased to announce that the following players saw the biggest jump in their world ranking based on their December 2016 tournament performance.

The biggest movers for December 2016 included Benedict Bauer from Germany, who moved up 15,616 spots from the following results:

 2. Gottlieb System 80 Turnier bei Joschi Main Tournament 27th 1.83

Benedict moved up to a rank of 8713th in the world.

Sylwia Krzyszton from Ottawa, Canada moved up 12,363 spots from the following results:

 Ottawa Pinball Medics IFPA Christmas E.M. Tournament Dec 18th EM Division 3rd 0.12
 Ottawa Pinball Medics IFPA Christmas Classics Tournament Dec 18th Classics 8th 0.07
 North Star Pinball Tournament Classics 5th 0.82

Sylwia moved up to a rank of 9210th in the world.

Matt Walton from Eugene, OR moved up 7740 spots from the following results:

 Last Chance WPPR Grab Main Tournament 36th 0.27
 Emerald City Pinball Preseason Main Tournament 11th 0.02
 Emerald City Pinball Preseason Tournament Main Tournament 1st 0.89

Matt moved up to a rank of 8778th in the world.

Congratulations to Benedict, Sylwia and Matt, as well as the other players that saw a jump in their ranking from their December tournament performance!