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We don’t just tell you they work “perfectly” or “were just gone over by a tech”, we guarantee in writing that they work better than new, and will continue to do so in your home for a very significant length of time.

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Pinball Medics Custom Shop Black Label Classic Bally/Sterns from the late 70’s & early 80’s. They’re like driving a ’69 GTO with a new top of the line Tesla Model S powertrain set to ludicrous mode.

Aside from the basics, being gone over by “technicians” to be cleaned and shopped (new rubbers and screws tightened), our Black label Bally’s include;

In addition to it’s original purchase cost, each Black Label Game represents approximately $900 – $1400 in new parts, at our cost, as well as  40 + plus of labour, followed by a test period at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, where they are put through their paces and dialed in to perfection.

We encourage you to not take our word for it. Come to the Arcade, and try all the games. All the Black Label games play like they are on fire, 14 hours a day, every day, 365 days a year. Imagine how they’ll stand up in their new Home. These machines are made to be played and enjoyed as often and for as long as you like, with friends and family, in the comfort it’s new adopted home. Your Home!

If you are looking for a machine on a budget, a Black Label Bally is not an option, and we recommend you try Kijiji or other local private sales sites, where the same games in original or as is condition will be found for sometimes half what we typically sell our games for, and with Pinball sites like Pinside, as well as Google, technical advice from the worldwide and local collector community is enough for those with interest and aptitude to negotiate for, buy, sell, move, repair, maintain, and even modify them as we do in the processes mentioned above. All the parts required are available here on this site in Canadian dollars with automatic shipping calculation and payment options including VISA, MasterCard, and Paypal.

Please note that we only provide free technical advice by phone or other electronic means for games purchased from Pinball Medics.

Call us to discuss the purchase of one of these Custom hot-rodded and bullet-proofed Classic Pinball Machines. We always have a couple of games ready for sale at any given time at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, and lead time after deposit for a Black Label Bally or Classic Stern from our unprepared games inventory is usually about a month or two, depending on our schedule.



As well as our Black Label Classic Bally/Stern games, the Custom Shop also produces Pinball Medics Gold Seal Gottlieb’s, featuring Classic Solid State Gottlieb games.

Aside from the basics, being gone over by “technicians” to be cleaned and shopped (new rubbers and screw tightened), our Gold Seal Classic Gottlieb’s include;

We usually have a couple of Gold Seal Gottliebs ready for sale at any given time at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, or at our showroom, and lead time after deposit on one from our unprepared games inventory is usually about a month or two, depending on our schedule.

We also specialize in the Gottlieb system 80B platform. We perform all the Gold Seal Gottlieb upgrades described above, but instead of aftermarket processors, we recondition the original boards, which are a very robust system. These machines offer many modern features such as multi-ball, advanced speech and sounds, ramps, and alpha-numeric displays that allow for deeper rulesets and advanced gameplay modes, which combined with modern illumination make these games feel like a “newer” style machine.



As well as our Bally and Gottlieb offering, we are proud to unveil our new line of Custom Shop Classic Williams system 3-7 Pinball Machines! Aside from being thoroughly restored and tested, all our Custom Shop Williams games include;



One of the biggest fears most pinball owners face is that if they do not work on their own equipment, it can be very difficult to get service for your pinball machine. If you call any local repair technician, you should have no problem getting someone over to fix your washer or fridge for a couple of hundred dollars an hour (if you’re lucky), but odds are he won’t be familiar with your 1975 Bally pinball machine…We service what we sell. If you bought your game from Us, and it breaks down tomorrow, in a month, or years from now, we will service your game. And if you no longer want the game, we will always buy it back for a good percentage of what you paid for it, even if it needs work by then.

Newer Alpha-Numeric, Dot Matrix, and even LCD monitor display games are also available, and we are expanding our inventory of 1990’s Pinball Machines and are actively purchasing and trading for games of that era, specifically those manufactured by Bally/Williams, Data East, and Stern Pinball.

We accept trades and purchase games outright any time.

Call us to discuss on (613) 223-6108, or email at

* Warranty applies to home use only, any commercial use will void any and all warranty. Damage caused by Acts of God, such as Wind, including but not limited to Tornados, Hurricanes, Micro-Bursts, Fire, Flood, Electrical surges, EMPs, physical damage or trauma, or abuse. Repairs or modifications without our consent by others will also void any and all warranty. 90 day Trade back is for a similar game acceptable to both parties, with the option to add or subtract cash if required.