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$1 Canadian COMET TWIN 2835 SMD Intense Brightness #1 Pinball LED


Canada’s best LED Pinball Bulb $1, COMET TWIN 2835 (2 SMD) 6.3V AC/DC INTENSE BRIGHTNESS. Available in both Bayonet #47 and Wedge #455 bases.

This is the #1 Gold Standard bulb of Pinball Medics, and is featured exclusively on the dozens of games at The Ottawa Pinball Arcade.

Beautiful intensely saturated colours, and three shades of white.

The standard bulbs we use in almost every situation, and very strongly recommend, are the frosted lens variety, in either base, and we keep a lot of stock of all colours in the Frosted Lens at all times.

We find the clear lens allows the intensely bright LED emitters to pierce through the artwork or controlled lamp insert, whereas the frosted lens diffuses the light more evenly and naturally, for a less harsh effect. We can always order clear lens in all colours, but you may experience a small delay (a week) if we need to reorder.

This bulb is a direct replacement for new Stern games, who use the Natural White bulb we also recommend and use for the General Illumination of all our games, but with the clear lens. We are about to convert a new Stern Star Trek Pro to frosted bulbs with colour matched inserts, and will post before and after pictures here soon!


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