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2 Bally Flipper Assemblies



This is a used set of 2 (two) Bally flipper assemblies including the sub-assembly plates, all components, end of stroke switches, correct AQ-25-500 (34-5050) coils, and springs/screws etc. This set came from a Silverball Mania that was upgraded to this earlier system at some point, and then to an custom flipper system by us, and was working well when removed. A rebuild kit will bring this to 100%.


This product has not been cleaned and is sold as is. This is an actual picture of the items described.


While they came from a Silverball Mania, they are not original to that game, and they will fit any Bally Pinball Machine from 1975-1980, and if you have one of the games from the 80’s, you can easily convert to this system, which is far superior to the linear flipper assemblies Bally introduced around 1980, and has often been converted to by savvy Bally collectors for as long as I’ve been in the business, as it was on the Silverball Mania it came from!