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Bally -52 Aux Lamp Board LED Adapter


These adapters will allow you to use LEDs in your classic Bally’s with AS-2518-52 Aux Lamp Boards

No more flickering from the controlled lamps!

No soldering, no crimping, and no tools required.  This kit is easily reversible with no permanent modifications to the machine.

While this adapter will work for all lamps controlled by the -52 aux lamp driver, you will require the Classic Bally /Stern lamp driver LED adapter here:

Printed instructions are included.

Reference #MA-09-010-52

Game Compatibility List:

-8 Ball Deluxe

-8 Ball Deluxe Limited

-8 Ball Deluxe Classic




-Fireball II

-Flash Gordon


-Mr & Mrs Pacman

-Space Invaders

-Speakeasy (2 & 4 players)