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Classic Pinball Machines for Sale – Reconditioned and Delivered – Many to Choose From

Electro-mechanical Pinball Machines starting at $1,000.00 delivered and installed in the Ottawa area.

Solid State Pinball Machines starting at $2,500.00 delivered and installed in the Ottawa area.


Pinball Medics has just purchased a large inventory of vintage original Classic Arcade Pinball Machines we are restoring for resale.


We have a large selection of different games, with prices starting at $1,100.00. Call (613) 223-6108 for details or to come view our current inventory.


For the ultimate in reliability and piece of mind, we offer a 120 day warranty on all our re-certified Classic Stern or Bally machines, preferred service rates and availability for as long as you own the machine, as well as excellent trade-in or cash buy-back if you ever decide to change or sell your game. This warranty applies to home use games only, and does not cover damage resulting from any form of commercial or public use, neglect, abuse, or acts of God (Fire, Flood, etc.). This warranty far exceeds those on brand new machines, which retail for anywhere from $8,000.00 – $15,000.00, and is the best bet for those not interested in servicing their own machines, but would prefer to just play them, and have them play well. Really well.


We run test our reconditioned games through the Ottawa Pinball Arcade  for at least 1 month to ensure they are 100% functional and bulletproofed to the greatest extent possible, so we can offer a reasonable expectation of a long, reliable life in home use as part of your collection. Located at 2559 Baseline Road at the corner of Greenbank, we have many games available to be played and purchased. Feel free to pop in and check out how well these old games play. We have upgraded them to play even better than new, and with the advances in LED lighting, they've been upgraded to look better than new as well.


Also, if you do have an old pinball machine, arcade cabinet, whether it be sit down or upright, any , or any arcade equipment,  we would be happy to take it in on trade towards one of our machines. Call for details on (613) 223-6108.