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Comet Pinball 2SMD Universal Pinball LED Kit


This kit features our most popular and standard bulb, the Comet Twin 2835 SMD, with 70 Natural White frosted bulbs, and 61 coloured bulbs in a variety of all the colours available. It comes with the handy travel case pictured here. It features adjustable compartments and is quite handy for keeping your bulbs organized and portable ready to be installed in your games.

Available in both bases, select from drop down menu.

The choice to LED a game can be overwhelming, and this kit is designed to make the first purchase of LED bulbs a lot easier, with a wide variety of colours to experiment with.


The kit includes the following bulbs:

70 frosted natural white

10 frosted warm white

1 frosted sunlight white

8 frosted orange

5 frosted yellow

15 frosted red

8 frosted green

8 frosted blue

2 ice blue

1 frosted purple

1 frosted cyan

1 Pink

1 purple passion (clear purple lens, a house fave)

This is the basic kit, and with a total of 131 bulbs, it is enough bulbs to do most games, but feel free to add more of the same bulbs individually in any combination of colours or whites here. We will add the extra bulbs to your kit before sending

This is the #1 Gold Standard bulb of Pinball Medics, and is featured exclusively on the dozens of games at The Ottawa Pinball Arcade.

10 beautiful intensely saturated colours, and three shades of white.

Order with confidence. We have been using this bulb exclusively in the Arcade for well over 2 years, and they are turned on 14 hours a day all year long. With a failure rate of less than 1 per 1000, no dimming, no alteration from the original colour output, these bulbs are the best in the business.



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