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Star Trek Pro pinball machine – Home Use Only – LED upgrade – SOLD




This Star Trek Pro is in incredibly good condition. It was delivered to the original owner and uncrated in their home, until being wrapped in a moving blanket and very carefully moved to our location. It could easily pass for brand new, though it is a couple of years old.

It has just undergone a complete tear-down, and features new black rubber rings, with Purple Super-bands on the flippers and all mini-posts for years of trouble free play. The entire game has been inspected with a fine tooth comb to ensure 100% functionality. With only a few hundred games ever having been played on this game, it is pristine under the hood as well, so we can not claim to have made this one play like new, it is like new!

The LED’s have all been upgraded to Natural White Comet Twin 2835 SMD superbrights with frosted lenses. Select areas of the general illumination have been colour matched to enhance the spectacular visuals and art package standard to this machine. The controlled lighting has been outfitted with colour matched Comet Twin 2835 SMD superbrights with frosted lenses as well. To complete this conversion, the two lower powered and non colour matched Stern 1 led boards under the upper flipper assembly were replaced with brand new old school bayonet sockets (with a 100 Ohm resistor as per factory specs, confirmed with Stern Pinball directly) to allow colour matching of the last two red arrow inserts, not only completing the conversion everywhere on the game, but also correcting a “compromise” in the original lighting to work around the flipper assembly. Now all the arrows are equally bright with the same 2 SMD LED’s used everywhere else on the game, as well as colour matched.

This game was designed by Steve Ritchie, of Williams Pinball Fame primarily, and is a very fast playing, smooth, and responsive machine. One of the best new Stern Pinballs made with great flow and rule depth, to keep you coming back time and time again.

Inspired by the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness films, Stern puts players into the Captains Chair, playing as Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise, embarking on a journey to protect and defend the planets of the Federation.

Stern’s Star Trek pinball machine features all the bells and whistles a Star Trek fan would desire. With adrenalin-filled battles, high-definition artwork, cosmic LED lighting and classic musical scores, the Star Trek game will evoke the sensation of flying through space at Warp Speed to rescue Spock and defeat the U.S.S. Vengeance.  The newest game from Stern includes an animated battleship, three lightning fast ramps, three flippers, resettable memory drop targets and much more.

Star Trek is Stern’s first all-LED Pro Model, and has been upgraded by Pinball Medics to look even better! The playfield features seven multicolored LED paths that lead gamers on easy-to-understand color-coded routes. There are six missions for casual players matched by 18 complex treks to immerse enthusiast players deeper in the game. As players attack an oncoming threat with three action-centered flippers, the all-LED playfield will captivate onlookers and enhance the player experience with features like phaser flashes and photon torpedoes.

Players will instinctively know exactly what to do when they approach Star Trek pinball – destroy the U.S.S. Vengeance, a key action-packed feature on the playing field. From the very start, players will have the chance to unlock special opportunities, collect tantalizing bonus features and win a series of accolades making up “The Captain’s Chair”. Star Trek aficionados can expect the classic battle between the heroic Enterprise team and the villainous Khan as well as run-ins with Nero, Klingons and the Narada.

A must have for any Star Trek fan with a Passion for Pinball.

Price includes delivery and setup, preferred service rates and availability for as long as you own the game, and great trade-in or buy-back options in the future.

We are also open to trades towards the purchase of this game, working or not. Call Mike any time on 613-223-6108 to discuss.

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