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Williams Pinbot Pinball Machine


Williams Pinbot Pinball Machine = $6900.00

Includes delivery and setup,  90 day warranty,and preferred service rates and availability for as long as you own the machine and are within the Greater Ottawa or Montreal area.

This is a great example of this stunning Classic Williams

Beyond this however, this Pinbot deviates from it’s original condition in some very significant ways “under the hood” if you will. The Black Label process it has undergone is described below, and in more detail here.

Pinball Medics Custom Shop Black Label Classics from the late 70’s & early 80’s. They’re like driving a ’69 GTO with a new Corvette Power Train and Suspension.

Aside from the basics, being gone over by “technicians” to be cleaned and shopped (new rubbers and screw tightened), our Black label Bally’s include;

  • LED illumination for all bulbs with modified lamp drivers and top of the line Comet Twin 2835 SMD bulbs colour matched to your game and to your taste
  • New upgraded rectifier boards with new connectors and updated trifurcon pins
  • Brand new 2000 era complete modern Williams Fliptronics style Flippers with parrallel wound coils and capacitors to prevent arcing and prolong the awesome over the top new flipper power
  • LED displays, eliminating all high voltage from the game, in the color of your choice
  • Rebuilt drop target assemblies with all new drop targets
  • Long lasting modern Black rubbers and Superband Flipper & mini post rubbers, color matched to your taste
  • Refurbished solenoid driver boards with all new electrolytic capacitors and ground mods performed
  • New capacitors on all switches, cut and re-strip wires, clean leads and switch contacts, and re-solder wires
  • Inspect all solder joints, clean any wiring issues with solder and shrink tube
  • Re-pin connectors as required throughout the machine
  • New memory capacitors on the MPU to prevent acid damage, never to be changed again
  • Inspection, repair as required, and reflowing of all pins on all circuit boards, or replace with upgraded modern replacement as required
  • Completely rebuilt Pop Bumpers, colour matched to your game and taste
  • Rebuilt slingshots, kick-out holes, spinners, and much more
  • Hours of inspection and cleaning up previous damage, age related or common weaknesses, previous “repairs”, as well as storage related issues
  •  Inspection and extensive test play to ensure far better than original brand new commercial level reliability for home use
  • We will purchase or take your game on trade any time for 50 -75% of sale price for 5 years or often much longer
  • 90 Warranty or trade back *(some obvious restrictions apply, see below, as we do actually spell it out…)
  • Preferred service rates and availability in our service area
  • Free Phone Support for games we sell, and yes, we do answer the phone
  • Delivery, setup, and a walk through covering the basics of Pinball ownership in our local Service Area is included

In addition to it’s original purchase cost, each Black Label Game represents approximately $700 – $1200 in new parts, at our cost, as well as  40 plus hours of labour, followed by a test period at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, where they are put through their paces and dialed in to perfection.

This actual game is currently playing at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade at 2559 Baseline Road, where you can see for yourself how amazingly well this game plays, and looks!