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Servicing the greater Ottawa area, Pinball Medics specializes in both Solid State and Electromechanical Pinball Machines, Video Games, and Arcade Machines of all ages. We specialize in Electromechanical (EM) and Solid State (SS) Pinball and Arcade machines from the 1930’s to current. Brands serviced include New and Classic Stern, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Atari, Chicago Coin, Midway, Nintendo, and many more.

Pinball Medics is Ottawa’s only pinball and arcade parts facility and we import weekly from our U.S. suppliers, so your machine will be back home as soon as possible. We also provide house calls or pick up, or you can deliver to our Manotick/Barrhaven Repair Service Facility at 5219 Mclean Crescent. With a Free No-Obligation Consultation either by phone or email, we can advise you on the best recommended course of action.

All repairs are fully guaranteed.

With the machine manufacturer and game name of your pinball machine or arcade video game, and a clear description of the problem, Pinball Medics can often diagnose the problem and, in the case of a house call, we can come prepared with the parts to get the job done on the spot. It is helpful if you have a game manual or schematics for your pinball machine, so please let us know if you do.

Request a Repair, Tune-up, or Restoration by Email here ⇒

Again, this information is best conveyed by a no-charge phone assessment where we will go over these details and provide you with a quote to perform the required procedures.

If, upon inspection of your game, it is determined that it requires more extensive repairs than are possible to be performed in your home, for a reasonable fee we can carefully disassemble your machine, transport it for off-site repairs, then return it to your home, set it up, and ensure it is in perfect health before leaving. Pinball Medics services the entire greater Ottawa area. We will travel outside the greater Ottawa area for a fee.

We do strive to provide as quick of a turnover as possible, however we are subject to time constraints based on our parts and electronics suppliers. Circuit board repairs or replacements, and hard-to-obtain game specific parts, can delay the replacement or repair process, but we will keep you informed of any delays and we will strive have your machine back to full health as soon as possible.

(shop job)

Every few years, depending on frequency of use, pinball machines need to be “shopped”. This involves removing some of the playfield components, cleaning and polishing the entire surface of the playing area, removal and replacement of any burnt bulbs, the removal and replacement of the old worn playfield and flipper rubbers, the correction of any maladjusted switches, and finally the reassembly of the playfield.

While it is impossible to guarantee something as complex as a classic pinball machine that is often older than anything you own, when properly dialed in, this equipment can perform reliably for many years when only exposed to in home use and not moved.

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