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Strange world indeed! Looking for a great used pinball Machine? Ottawa Pinball Medics Sales.

Ottawa Pinball sales – Trades Welcome – We service what we sell


Not only do we repair pinball machines, we sell them as well!

Often times, we find games for sale. Whether we purchase them through one of our sources here in Ottawa or out of the city, have them in on consignment for a private seller, take them in on trade for another game, or just rotate them out of our personal collections, our games are shopped and working 100%. Every bulb will light when it should. The playfield will be cleaned and polished with brand new rubbers. The cabinet will be clean, it won’t smell like it came out of a barn after 30 years. The displays will be bright and clear. Every switch will register. The sounds will work as they should. You get the idea. Everything will be working.

One of the biggest fears most pinball owners face is that if they do not work on their own equipment, which the vast majority do not, it can be very difficult to get service for your pinball machine. If you call any local repair technician, you should have no problem getting someone over to fix your washer or fridge for a couple of hundred dollars (if you’re lucky), but odds are he won’t be familiar with your 1975 Bally pinball machine…

The good news for Ottawa is, that’s the reason Pinball Medics was formed. We service what we sell. If your game breaks down tomorrow, in a month, or years from now, it would be our pleasure to service your game any time. Quickly and efficiently. So you’re back to enjoying your working game as it should be!

If, however, you are a hobbyist or collector who works on their own pinball machine(s), from time to time we do sell project machines at reduced prices when we have too many games come in at the same time.

To be clear, we do not “part out” games on Ebay, we prefer instead to restore a machine, or at least try to ensure it has gone to someone who will invest the time and effort, not to mention expense, of reconditioning a classic pinball machine themselves.

Call us any time to see what games we have in stock on (613) 223-6108, or email at

1976 Bally Evel Knievel - Ottawa Pinball Medics

1976 Bally Evel Knievel – Ottawa Pinball Medics