Pinball Medics
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If you have a pinball or arcade machine you no longer want, we would like to purchase it outright or take it in on trade towards your new purchase.

We will also pay cash for your trades with free pick-up.

We are interested in all eras of pinball machines and arcade machines, including video games, coin operated equipment, and all related items.

With our network of collectors and clients, we often source specific game titles, matching buyers and games, getting the games to where they will be enjoyed for years to come

Our same network includes many skilled restorers and home arcade technicians who are willing to put the sometimes hundreds (100’s!) of hours into resurrecting a game that would normally be at best parted out, if not sent to landfill.

We will make every attempt to find such a home for any arcade gear. In the worst case scenario, it will become a donor machine, helping other machines live on and be enjoyed!

Call Pinball Medics to discuss your trade on (613) 223-6108, or email at

1978 Bally Silverball Mania backglass

1978 Bally Silverball Mania backglass