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Truckloads of Used Pinball Machines and Parts – Just In!


The Pinball Medics Warehouse is now bursting with hundreds of Pinball Machines, Arcade Video Games, and several huge skid loads of original vintage Pinball and Arcade parts, as well as parts machines. They came from one of the last of the old Arcade Operators in Ottawa, who just retired after a lifetime career in the business he took over before Space Invaders was even a thing. These machines were fixtures all over Ottawa and far beyond from the 1930’s to now. Most of the collection we took in is from the Glory Days of the Golden Era of the Arcade, which is just what the Doctor ordered!.


This is not our first large purchase from a retiring Operator, but one thing that makes this find so special, is that unlike most old machines that were retired to storage all those years ago, these were stored in a climate controlled environment since they were pulled from service. All the circuit boards were removed and stored separately in static bags. The backglasses never saw humidity, cold, or heat, and are for the most part in next to new condition, with no signs of moisture, water, or mold damage, no infestation, and no corrosion to the cabinets or playfields.


The Electro-Mechanical units are mostly late model with low mileage, and the Solid State machines that precipitated their early departure from the front lines of the Arcades are for the most part in great shape as well! After wiping off 40 odd years of warehouse dust, most of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous, with only the slightest evidence of fingerprints belonging to the hands of time.


Most of the games so far are working once assembled, even after decades in storage, which speaks to the quality of work as well as foresight to store the equipment correctly exhibited by the Operator, to whom we are eternally grateful and appreciative


Of course our facility is also climate controlled, and we will be preserving these amazing time capsule treasures for a new lease on life in their future homes.


These games will be refurbished and available to play at the Ottawa Pinball Arcadeand most will eventually be available for sale.


As for the parts, we are building a virtual online Ottawa Pinball Show Parking Lot Flea Market where these parts will be posted for sale, so anyone, anywhere in Canada (or anywhere in the World), can peruse our merchandise any time or day, and have their parts shipped to them without leaving their home.



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