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About Pinball Medics

Mike Loftus, Owner & President

Mike has been in the local Ottawa Pinball scene since the early 90’s. Buying, repairing, commercially operating, and trading in Arcade equipment, classic and newer video games, and pinball machines in particular.

Despite having been commercially involved in pinball for most of his adult life on one level or another, his passion for pinball dates back to the days of his youth, when many a quarter dropped from his flipper fingers.

It has been his life long goal to own and operate a Classic Pinball Arcade to match those he experienced when he was a boy, and share as many of his favourite classic machines with the public. This goal has been realized with the Ottawa Pinball Medics Classic Arcade Bar located inside the Neighbourhood Pub.

Mike also aims to provide reliable classic arcade and pinball machines and parts to the public, and to service their existing machines so these great games can be played and enjoyed by their owners, so they may relive their youth through these incredible windows to our past, where we can see, touch, and feel everything, just like yesterday.

Mike Loftus - Pinball Medics Owner & President

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