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Acorn Nut 6-32 Post Cap – Coloured


These are 6-32 Nylon Acorn nuts for securing plastics to playfield, offered here in a variety of colours.

If plain white just doesn’t work with your vision for your game, this opens up many doors, using these coloured acorn nuts to match your custom LED job, Superband Flipper rubbers, custom coloured LED displays, powder coated side-rails, whatever. We get it. We started using these on our games, and now it’s a new product line…

The bad news is, coloured ones cost twice as much as regular white ones.

The good news is, the white ones are only 50 cents, so even at $1.00 per, the difference is only a few dollars to do a complete game, and they really look amazing. The darker colours in particular never look dirty, and black is a great conservative and more contemporary choice, which we strongly favour, and a great complement to black rubbers.

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