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Bally / Stern Rectifier Board


This is a huge upgrade for all Classic Stern and Bally machines. It has always been a weak point in the design of these games, resulting in maintenance issues and improper operation.

This board is a direct replacement for Stern (#TA 100) and Bally (#AS-2518-18 & #AS-2518-49) recitifier boards.
Features include:
Extra thick 3 oz. copper with flooded ground plain.
Heavy duty 35 amp bridge rectifiers with heatsinks in all 3 positions.
“E” connections silk screened on both sides.
Includes fuses, replacement standoffs, connectors, trifurcon terminals, and wire ties.
Bally reference #PBL-100-0070-00 & #AS-2518-49.
Stern reference #TA 100.
Bally Compatibility List: Stern Compatibility List:
Black Jack Ali
Dolly Parton Big Game
Eight Ball Catacomb
Evel Knievel Cheetah
Frontier Cosmic Princess
Freedom Dracula
Future Spa Dragonfist
Harlem Globetrotters Flight 2000
Hotdoggin Free Fall
Kiss Galaxy
Lost World Hot Hand
Mata Hari Iron Maden
Mystic Lazer Lord
Night Rider Lectronamo
Nitro Ground Shaker Lightning
Paragon Magic
Playboy Memory Lane
Power Play Meteor
Rolling Stones Nineball
Siverball Mania Nugent
Six Million Dollar Man Orbitor 1
Skateball Pinball
Space Invaders Quicksilver
Star Trek Seawitch
Strikes and Spares Split Second
Supersonic Stargazer
Viking Stars
Voltan Escapes Stingray
X’s & O’s Trident