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Contact Disc Grease


Contact disc grease (used by all the electromechanical game makers), commonly called MBI Grease, has been unavailable for years. Remember the small leftover tubes you sometimes found in the bottom of a game? Pinball Resource used to purchase in bulk and repackage back in the 1990’s…then it went away and they could not find it.

Steve finally reached his frustration limit and found someone who would work with him to formulate a substitute which he calls PBR-Grease. It is formulated as a mechanical and electrical grease which will protect against oxidation and galvanic corrosion. Packaged in handy 1 oz. (28 grms) wide mouth jars that fit in the tool box just great. It still looks the same but smells a bit different; we hope you enjoy it as we feel it fills a need.

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