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PinGulp Beverage Caddy Pro


The PinGulp mounts to your pinball machine using its own leg bolts. Suspended by it’s integrated mounting bracket, which without touching the cabinet positions the PinGulp around the corner flush to the side of your pinball machine where it can’t be bumped, yet is easily accessible to the player.

The PinGulp Beverage Caddy installs on virtually every pinball machine ever made!

Designed to accommodate bottles, cups, cans, mugs, tumblers, or beverage containers of almost any size or shape.

The PinGulp Beverage Caddy is side-specific.  Choose the left or right mounting option from the drop-down menu.

An awesome original product from Pinball Life. “PinGulp” is copyrighted, trademarked, registered, etc. by Pinball Life Inc., 2008-2015

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