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Stern/Data East/Sega Slingshot Assembly


Data East/Sega/Stern Slingshot Assembly #500-5849-00.
Includes the following parts:
Slingshot bracket assembly 515-5339-01
Coil retaining bracket 535-5203-03
Your choice of coil 23-800 (090-5001-0T or 090-5001-ND) or 26-1200 (090-5044-0T or 090-5044-ND)
Coil sleeve 545-5031-00
Plunger and link assembly 515-5338-00
Compression spring 266-5020-00
2 slingshot leaf switches 180-5054-00
Riveted arm and tip assembly 515-5340-01

Please note:
Stern has changed it’s coil numbering system on a couple different occasions.  Your coil may read “090-5001-00”, if so please use coil “090-5001-0T” as it is the same coil with a different number.  Also, “090-5044-00” is the same as “090-5044-0T”.

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