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Stern SAM Complete Coin Door


Standard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) two-slot replacement coin door for Stern SAM system pinball machines.
This door includes all the parts you need to replace the entire door – frame, operator/test buttons, lock and keys, coin mech mounting brackets, coin switches, coin slot lamps, lamp sockets, and complete wiring harness.
This is the original style SAM door, NOT a SPIKE system door wired for SAM machines!  If you want to keep your machine original looking then this is the door you want.  The door you will receive looks exactly like what is pictured.
Does NOT include coin mechs.
Fits the following games:
World Poker Tour
Pirates of the Caribbean
Family Guy
Black Spider-Man
Wheel of Fortune
Indiana Jones
Batman, The Dark Knight
Big Buck Hunter Pro
Iron Man Pro
Avatar Pro
Avatar LE
The Rolling Stones Pro
The Rolling Stones LE

Transformers Pro
Transformers Combo LE
Transformers Autobot LE
Transformers Decepticon LE
AC/DC Premium
AC/DC Let There Be Rock LE
AC/DC Back In Black LE
X-Men Pro
X-Men Magneto LE
X-Men Wolverine LE
Avengers Pro
Avengers Blue Team LE
Avengers Hulk LE
Metallica Pro
Metallica Premium
Metallica Master Of Puppets Le
Star Trek Pro
Star Trek Premium
Star Trek LE
Mustang Pro
Mustang Premium
Mustang LE
The Walking Dead Pro
The Walking Dead Premium
The Walking Dead LE