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The Munsters (Pro) Rubber Kit



Stern The Munsters (Pro) Rubber Ring Kit.


Choose the Rubber colour from the drop down menu.


White rubbers are generally used on all Electro Mechanical (EM) Pinball Machines, and early Solid State Pinball Machines, and feature more “bounce” than the newer Black Rubbers, and are common on all games made prior to the mid 80’s.


Black Rubbers are generally used on newer Alpha-Numeric and Dot Matrix (DMD) Pinball Machines produced from the mid 80’s forward. They are much more durable than White Rubbers, and are ideal for games with high powered flippers with fast loop and ramps shots. Black rubbers are not available in sizes larger than 4 1/2″. Black Rubber kits will substitute all sizes 5″ and up with White Rubber.


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