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Williams/Bally Backbox Latch Toggle & Bracket Assembly



Williams/Bally Backbox Latch (WMS/Bally #20-934701) & Backbox Toggle Latch Bracket  (WMS/Bally #01-8397) set.

Used to temporarily secure the backbox to the cabinet when assembling or disassembling the machine.
Do not move or operate your machine until the backbox head bolts have been installed securely. The Latch should still remain in place for added stability and to prevent injury as they are very sharp when unlatched.
To prevent injury and/or serious damage to flooring, care should be taken when disassembling your machine.
Once the head has been lowered and secured to the cabinet, remove the assembly before removing the legs and placing the machine on it’s end in moving position for a hand cart.
WMS/Bally #01-8397