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$1.00 Twin 2835 COMET 2SMD Special


The #1 Pinball LED in Canada for only $1.00!

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Pinball Medics has just finished massively increasing our inventory, and to celebrate, for a limited time, we are offering Comet’s best selling bulb, the 2SMD, aka the Twin 2835, at up to 30% off!

All bulbs are available in both #47 Bayonet and #555 Wedge bases, with both Frosted (recommended), and Clear lenses in stock at all times. Beyond that, we are offering the $1.00 per bulb sale price on specialty colours as well, including Purple Passion, Pink, Purple, Ice Blue, and Cyan, as well as 3 (three) shades of white, Natural/Cool, Sunlight, and Warm, and standard colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

With automated shipping quotes through our partners at Canada Post, avoid all surprises with no currency exchange, bank service fees, cross border shipping, duties, delays, or hassles.

It is our hope that while you are browsing our selection of bulbs, you will check out our newly improved Shop By Category menu system, with new categories and sub categories to filter through quickly and find everything you need fast.

We are now stocking thousands of new parts here in Canada from your favourite US suppliers, all brand name, most made in North America whenever possible, ready to ship, covering all eras of games from the 1950’s to 2020 and beyond. We now carry 100’s of common coils, rubber kits for every game by every manufacturer since 1970 in black or white, 100’s of switches, flipper kits and parts for all manufacturers and all eras from the 1950’s to now, tons of lane guides, posts, and drop targets, all manner of legs, bolts, levellers, balls, LED displays, and way, way more.

We order weekly from Pinball Life and Pinball Resource, and can also make special orders from these suppliers any time, and we often add special order products to our normal inventory if it is a product we think may sell again.

We encourage feedback on our new Shop by Category system, and also welcome suggestions for new products we can add to our ever growing selection.

Contact Mike any time on 613-223-6108 or at, we’d love to hear from you!

*Please note that if we run out of any specific bulbs, it may take up to a week for us to re-supply, but your package will be sent by Expedited Parcel the day it arrives and will get to you a day or two later.

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