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Bally & Stern Displays – Reconditioned – 6 & 7 Digit



We have many used Bally & Classic Stern Displays in both 6 & 7 Digit format. This is a photo of a 6 Digit model for reference, and though they will vary slightly, this is a good representation of the lot.

If we are out of original Stern displays, we will substitute Bally units which will have been configured to work in Stern games.

We upgrade all our refurbished Custom Shop games to a new LED system, and we are passing these on to those wishing to retain original parts for their Classic Bally & Stern Pinball Machines.

All displays have been tested, any faulty components replaced, all connector pins re-soldered, and retested before sale. The display glasses are all in good condition, with no off-gassing, burn-in, or burn spots.

Compare with new glass alone at $70 USD if you can even find them, these are plug and play, with no de-soldering or any soldering required.


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