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Pinball Arcade Coin Meter – Vintage NOS!





During a recent purchase of the entire contents of a large arcade and amusement operator’s warehoused stock, we uncovered a case of these vintage Arcade & Pinball coin meters.


The case was opened and a few units were gone, but the bulk were left behind until now, and other than a bit of surface dust as the one shown here, are in almost new condition, and are truly NOS (New Old Stock). The unit displayed here is one of the entire set, and as such variations will be present with each actual coin meter received, though they are minor as they are all in similar condition.


For some reason, although they are in fact all brand new literally in the box, with the pristine wire leads obviously devoid of any previous wear from installation, each coin meter is preset to 999800, just like the one here.

To complete a full authentic restoration, this is a must have, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Buy as many as you need, we want them to go to good use as true original era specific arcade pieces.