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Williams/Bally Full Flipper Assembly 02/1984 To 01/1987


Full flipper assembly used on some System 7 through System 11A games.
These assemblies include the correct tapered plunger link (03-8050) and correct coil stop (A-10821).
Choose coil value from drop-down menu.
Choose left or right side assembly from drop-down menu. 
Used in the following games:
Year Game Name
1984 Laser Cue
1984 Star Light
1985 Sorcerer
1985 Comet
1986 High Speed
1986 Grand Lizard
1986 Road Kings
1986 PIN·BOT
1987 Millionaire
Williams reference #C-9952-R (right side).
Williams reference #C-9952-L (left side).
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