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COVID-19 Canadian Pinball Supply Chain Disruptions & Closure


For the safety of the elderly and more vulnerable among us, and despite the financial loss we will all suffer,  we have made the difficult but only responsible decision to close the Pinball Medics Retail location at 2559 Baseline Road as of March 12th.

As of this writing, the US/Canadian border is still open, and parts are still being delivered.

It is uncertain however if this will continue, rendering us unable to restock, and due to potential restrictions on products from International Suppliers to our US sources, it is also possible that our supply chain may be disrupted before it even makes it to the Continent.

We will post updates if anything changes, but for now we will still be shipping daily through Canada Post

We have also chosen to close the Ottawa Pinball Arcade to the Public at this time until the Covid-19 situation has been resolved. The risk of transfer is too high when playing pinball in an arcade, involving hand to hand transfer, due to the use of the flipper buttons and handling of coins, and the proximity of players in the arcade environment.

The adjoining Neighbourhood Pub has followed suit and is also closed.

We will be closed until at least March 31st 2020, or until the Health Authorities deem it safe.

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