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Pinball Arcade Ash Tray – Vintage NOS!



This is something you don’t see anymore. Remember back in the day when cigarette burns were a right of passage for every arcade machine ever made?


Well, before bylaws, arcade operators employed ashtrays to protect their gear!


During a recent purchase of the entire contents of a large arcade and amusement operator’s warehoused stock dating back to the 30’s, we uncovered a case of these vintage gaming ashtrays.


The case was opened and a few units were gone, but the bulk were left behind until now, and other than a bit of surface rust as the one shown here on the hidden once installed shell, are in almost new condition, and are truly NOS (New Old Stock). The unit displayed here is one of the entire set, and as such variations will be present with each actual ash tray recieved, though they are minor as they are all in similar condition.


Of course Pinball Medics does not recommend smoking, so for those who prefer a non-smoking arcade environment, as none of the ash trays have never been used, they still make a great key holder for coin box doors or any other small items you may want to keep secure yet close at hand, while lending some 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s ambience to your arcade decor.


These are available in limited quantities, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.